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INFO:Provisioning Service Crash - Verify using Builtin Logging and ProcDump

Mudesira Munir


This article explains what to do for identifying cause of Provisioning Service Crash. Explains how to check details using built in logging and using Microsoft ProcDump tool to track down service crash.

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This article applies to all build versions of MachPanel

Provisioning Service Crash identification using built in logs:

Enable Advanced Logging from control panel by navigating to "Home > System Configuration > Logging":

Enable logging for all threads from link below:

Stop All MachPanel Services (especially MachPanel Provisioning Service).

Set MachPanel Provisioning Service to NOT auto restart (disable recovery options if enabled).

Archive All existing logs from "Logs" folder under the installation directory to some other folder so that you have only fresh logs to review.

Start All MachPanel Services (especially MachPanel Provisioning Service).

Start ProcDump for MachPanel Provisioning Service (as per details below)

Monitor log files and ProcDump until next crash. Check what was the last process/thread being executed just before crash.

Most Importantly: There shall be "prov-svc-unhandledexception" log file in "logs" folder after crash. If this file is created, check and share with support team along with details of "ProcDump" screen (where details about process are shown just before crash).


Provisioning Service Crash identification using ProcDump

For tracking down the reason for a service crash ProcDump tool is helpful. This can be accomplished through use of the Microsoft ProcDump tool to show problematic event automatically when the service crashes.


  1. Download ProcDump from
  2. Unzip the package to C:\ProcDump
  3. Open a command prompt
  4. Browse to c:\ProcDump (CD C:\ProcDump)
  5. After this, run the following command: ProcDump -e 1 -f "" MachSol.MachPanel.Provisioning-Svc.exe
  6. When service crashes, do copy and share full output from command window.

The command prompt must remain open, and you must not log out of windows. When the service crashes, it will stop at the crash event and the last few commands before crash will help us identify the issue.

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