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INFO:Fix Security Permissions or Sync Security group

Mudesira Munir


This article provides a summary on "Fix Security Permissions" also called Sync Security Group job, and tells what the fix security permissions function does in MachPanel.

Applies To
This article applies to MachPanel all Versions.
Fix Security Permissions
  1. To perform Fix Security Permission, Navigate to Home » Customer Manager » Subscriptions List
  2. Select your desired subscription name and Click on Fix security Permissions button as shown below:

Alternatively, if you want to perform the operation for ALL Organizations in a single go, you can navigate to: Home » Service Director » Exchange Hosting » Exchange Accounts and click on Fix Security Permissions for all Organizations button.

What Sync Security Group does?
Fix Security Permissions or Sync Security group performs following tasks:
  • Creates and sets permissions of Org Exchange SG, if not present already.
  • Creates RAL and ABP if not present.
  • Updates ABP of each mailbox in org.
  • For each mailbox in Org
  1. Set AL, GAL, OAB of AD User
  2. Set Calendar folder permissions for Org Exchange SG, Anonymous and Default user.
  3. Reset CustomAttribute1
  4. Add mailbox in Org Exchange SG
  5. EmailAddress policy enabled is unchecked.
  • For each distribution list, dynamic Distribution List in Organization
  1. Add DL in Org Exchange SG
  2. EmailAddress policy enabled is
  • Set Offline Address Book Schedule
  • Sets default PublicFolderMailbox of each Mailbox according to Organization setting.
  • Calls Update AL, GAL, AL, RAL, OAB

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