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INFO: Using Virtual Machine Import Utility

Mudesira Munir


This article provides information for using Virtual Machine Import Utility for importing VM's in MachPanel.

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel build v5.4.10 and above


  1. At least one VM Service Plan should be created.
  2. The customer account should be present
  3. Scheduled task should exist in VM for complete management.

Post-import tasks:

Verify and fix resources allocated to customer and reseller(Owner) according to actual usage.


Please follow the below mentioned steps to bulk import VM's:

  • Open MachPanel Control Panel, log in as Provider and navigate to Home » Import Utilities » Virtual Machine. In step-1 provide the Import Settings as shown in the snapshot below

In Step-1, Yo have to select owner and the Hyper-V server.
  1. Select Owner.
  2. Select Hyper-V Server.
  3. Click on Next button.

SelectnVM's to Import

  • In Step-2, you need to select the Virtual Machine you wish to import and associate them with the customer and service plan. You may select all VM's or import one-by-one.
  • Click on Next button.

Subscription Information

In Step-3, you have to select either new subscription or the existing one.

NIC Settings

You need to specify "NIC setting" during import as shown below:

Please note Network Adapter name should be different (in case there are more than on adapter)
Following Powershell command can be used to rename adapters on Hyper-V (Powershell launched as Administrator)
Get-VMNetWorkAdapter -VMName "New Virtual Machine"|Where-Object MacAddress -EQ "000000000000"|Rename-VMNetworkAdapter -NewName ADAPTER2

Click on Manage button to configure NICs, click Continue import wizard, Click Finish.
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