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INFO:Authorize.Net CIM payment method in PCI Compliance way

Mudesira Munir


This article provide a summary for new Authorize.Net CIM payment gateway method that lets customer manage in fully PCI compliance way.

Applies To
This article applies to all MachPanel build version.
New Hosted CIM method for Authorize.Net in PCI compliance mode
  • Implemented Authorize.Net CIM payment gateway method in fully PCI Compliance way. First of all navigate to the following path: Home » System Configuration » Billing Configuration » General Billing and enable PCI Compliance as shown below:

If you select Hide Credit Card interfaces the payment profiles will be hidden for all of your customers.

  • If CIM is enabled then customer’s payment from PCC/RCC can’t be processed. For payments customer must be login into their CCC panel.
  • Customer can create/manage their single/multiple CIM profiles by clicking on “Manage AuthorizeNet CIM Hosted Profiles” button on “Billing History” and “Pay Bills” interfaces.

  • On clicking “Manage AuthorizeNet CIM Hosted Profiles” button, Panel will redirect user to AuthorizeNet CIM website with “Return to Panel” option. Customer can add/manage their profile and return to panel for further payment processing.


More Information
  • While payment, If customer’s CIM payment profile exists, payment will be processed using that payment profile else customer will be redirected to AuthorizeNet CIM to add new profile and if payment is successful on selected profile then system will mark that profile as default profile for next payment.
  • CIM payment profiles will not be displayed in customer’s payment profiles listing.

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