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ERRMSG:Attempt to update MachPanel failed. BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

Zohaib Shaikh


This article describes in detail about resolving error faced during automatic update via MachPanel Configuration Studio.

Applies To

MachPanel build 5.2.10 and above

Error Message

Error Occured. Details: Cannot open backup device 'c:\MachPanel_DbXXXX_YYYYMMDD.BAK'. Operating system error 5(Access is denied.).

BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

In configuration studio looks like:

In Configuration Studio Logs the error looks like this:


The problem is being caused due to permissions / rights restrictions. Please create a new Folder on the SQL Server that hosts your MachPanel database for example “C:\MPDB-Backup” where you would like to create MachPanel database backup and assign “Write” permissions to “Users” group on this folder. After that provide this folder’s path in MachPanel Configuration studio as shown in snapshot below:

Please try updating the system again after above steps. This should resolve the issue.

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