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INFO:To Hide Default Security Group from GAL / Address Book

Zohaib Shaikh


You see a security group as <OrganizationName> Exchange SG in your Global Address List and want to hide it and not show in Address Book.

Applies To

MachPanel 5.1.12 HF1 and above.
Hosted Exchange Extension (HEE)
MachPanel Remote Server


This Security Group is created via MachPanel and poses no harm/threat whatsoever to your Exchange setup. For Exchange 2013 this is not in use for now for anything but will be used in future for further advanced implementations. With older exchange versions (earlier than 2013) it was used to handle some aspects of Multi-Tenancy.


Update Control and Remote server to latest build 5.1.12 and apply hotfix below by replacing Control and Remote Server files from following link and execute script:

Note: Ensure to take backup of Control and Remote server files and MachPanel_Db before applying update.

If you are already running Build 5.1.12 HF1 or higher, then adding the registry values as shown below will do the trick for you.


For New Organizations:

Please follow the below mentioned steps to hide the security group from Address Book for organizations that will be provisioned after this registry key is added. The registry key needs to be added on ALL exchange servers managed by MachPanel.

Add a new Key in all Remote Exchange servers registry:


New String Key value pair:

Key: HideOSGFromAL

Value: True

1.   Now when you provision new Organizations, the <OrganizationName> Exchange SG created will have HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled = True.

For Existing Organizations:

In order to set HiddenFromAddressList = True for existing Security Groups created by MachPanel, execute following script in EMS (Exchange Management Shell) Power Shell on Exchange Server:

Get-DistributionGroup "* Exchange SG" | Set-DistributionGroup -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled:$True -Confirm:$False

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