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HOW TO:How to Convert to Reseller, Move Customer & Move Subscription (s) ?

Mudesira Munir


This article provides a summary on how to convert Customer to Reseller, move customers, move subscription(s) from one customer to another customer.

Applies To
This article applies to MachPanel build v5.2.10
Convert Customer to Reseller
  1. Navigate to the following path: Home » Customer Manager » Customers
  2. In order to convert customer to Reseller, click on Covert to Reseller button, select type of reseller and provide other details. Review KB for further detail:
Move Customer
  • In order to move customer to another reseller, click on Move customer button as shown in the snapshot below:

  • Select owner for the customer, access template, payment Group, locale etc.

Move Subscription(s) from One Customer To Another:
  • Move CSP subscription between customers is also allowed.
  • Navigate to the following path: Home » Customer Manager » Customers \ Reseller Customers
  • Click on the Customer \ Reseller whose subscription you want to move. Select the Subscriptions tab and click on the “Move Subscription(s)” button. See the snapshot below:

  • Select the customer under which you want to move this subscription (change the owner if you want to move it under a reseller), enter some comments and hit the SAVE button. Please do read the Warning stated on top as well.

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