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INFO:How to Sync data from backend

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This article provides a summary on how to Sync data from back-end via MachPanel Control Panel.

Applies To
This article applies to MachPanel V4.8.19 and onwards.
Import of existing Mailboxes, Distribution List(s) & Contacts in the Control Panel.

Important Note:  Sync from backend is there to sync data from backend for an organization where you have created new mailboxes or other object directly on backend for an organization that exists in control panel.  
This operation will add those mailboxes/objects into MachPanel, however if you delete a mailbox directly from backend and use Sync operation, the mailbox will not get cleared from the control panel since it’s a one way process to add items to control panel, not delete them based on changes in backend.

You may get duplicated entries in control panel if some changes to existing mailboxes have been made like change in their UPN, because the control panel will keep the item in its database and add the updated mailbox as new entry.

An alternate method to fix such issues in case of major changes directly on backend will be to get the subscription manually cleared from control panel database with help from MachSol Support team and then perform a complete re-import.

Proposed Solution

To sync data from backend, navigate to the following path: Home » Service Director » Exchange Hosting » Exchange Accounts

Select the organization for which you want to perform sync operation and click on "Sync data from backend" button.

You can also perform sync from backend per mailbox, under Mailbox menu select a mailbox or multiple mailboxes and then click button 'Sync from Backend'

You can also perform sync for all the organizations by clicking on "Sync data from backend for all Organizations". See the snapshot below:

When you click on the button a confirmation message will be shown. Click OK to continue. See the snapshot below:

After clicking on OK button you will get the following alert message for successful job operation. After this you have to RUN it from the service queue.

A new button "Sync data from backend " is added at Subscription level to Sync following from backend to MachPanel database:

 *Note: Sync from Backend will now also remove the records which are not exists at backend

  • Mailboxes:
  • Import new mailbox in DB if it is not already there. Supports all mailbox types (User, Linked, Resource)
  • Sync General settings
  • Sync Email addresses
  • Sync Mail-flow settings
  • Sync Advanced settings
  • Sync Permissions
  • Sync Mailbox Database
  • Sync Personal Archive settings
  • Sync Unified Messaging
  • Sync Automatic replies
  • Sync Retention enabled
  • Distribution List(s)
  • Import new Distribution list in DB if it is not already there. Supports all Distribution List types (Simple, Dynamic, Security, Room)
  • Sync Distribution List members
  • Sync Email addresses
  • Sync Advanced settings
  • Sync Send-As settings
  • Mail Contacts
  • Import new Mail Contact in DB if it is not already there.
  • Sync General settings
  • Sync Mail-flow settings
  • Sync disabled attribute

The button will only be available to provider. On clicking following actions will be performed:

  1. A new job will be created to Sync MachPanel database from Backend.
  2. All above mentioned things will be fetched from backend and related DB entries will be created/updated.
  3. Log of Group Job will contain details of Synced items.
  4. Sync will support Exchange 2010 (Non Hosted Switch), Exchange 2013. Sync operation for Exchange 2010 Hosted and Exchange 2007 is NOT supported.

Important Note: When Sync operation is completed, Provider has to adjust resources sold to subscription (Subscription resources and add-ons) to match usage, it will not stop sync on quota over usage or adjust resource values. For e.g. if Service plan sold to a subscription has 10 mailboxes limit, but on backend there are more than 10 mailboxes, say 12 to 20 etc, MachPanel will still perform the Sync and Client will need to adjust quota / service plan values as per new resources manually themselves.

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