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INFO:Types of Logs generated by MachPanel

Mudesira Munir


This article provide details about types of logs generated in MachPanel, explains steps to access and how to set up their rotation.

Applies To
This article applies to MachPanel v6.0 and later.
Types of MachPanel Logs and their Rotation (Auto Deletion):

MachPanel generates\offer different types of Logs and their rotation.

  1. Audit Logs
  2. Extensive Logs
  3. Group Jobs
  4. Email Log
1. Audit Log
MachPanel offers audit logs for the changes being performed in Control Panel with the Date, Time, Login, IP address and other Details mentioning the Event and the Event Group name for different Users.
  • To view Audit Logs navigate to the path:  Home > Service Director > General > Audit Log.
  • Audit logs can also be exported to excel as well as you can load audit logs from Archives. See the snapshot below:

The Audit Logs displays the following:
  1. Date: The date column shows the date with the time stamp.
  2. Login: The Login column shows that who logged into the Control Panel.
  3. IP Address: The IP address column shows the IP address of the server.
  4. Event Group: The Event Group column shows the name of the event group such as Emails, Service plans, Mailbox, Login etc.
  5. Event: The event column shows the name of the event such as create\add\delete\edit etc.
  6. Details: The detail column shows the details.
Audit Logs Configuration

Under configuration tab you can configure auto deletion of the Audit logs after specified number of days.

Send Email: When audit logs will be removed, deleted logs archive will be sent to mentioned email address

2. Extensive Logs

MachPanel also generates logging for Ad-sync, billing, HelpDesk, License, provisioning services on Control Server and remote servers in Logs Folder at path: C:\Program Files\MachSol\MachPanel Control Server. You can set auto delete files from Control and remote server(s) after selected number of days.

You can also set the registry value at following path: Computer >> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SOFTWARE >> MachSol >> MachPanel


3. Group Actions Log

MachPanel Offers Log details for different types of Group actions\jobs performed via MachPanel Interface. Navigate to the path: Home > Service Director > General > Group Actions. Click on the status of a job, below is an example for a Failed job:

It will show you the Log Date and Log details for a job.

Successfully completed and Cancelled job logs are automatically cleared in 7 days.

4. Email Log
MachPanel also offer logs for email sent via MachPanel, you can resend emails or remove the log entries by selecting them as shown below:

Emails log is auto cleared after 2 months for successful email and after 3 months for failed emails.

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