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HOW TO:Fix broken links Logoff, Store, Download Exchange Mailbox Profile

Zohaib Shaikh


This article describes HOW TO Fix broken links in MachPanel that point to localhost. Also, same steps need to be followed to run control panel on custom URL.

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Problems when accessing the control panel externally. Some of the links are pointing to localhost causing downloads and such to fail.

Here are some of the areas where you may experience the failures:

1.) Downloading the preconfigured exchange mailbox profiles.
2.) When trying to log off, by clicking "Log Off" link on top right.
3.) The "Online Help" link under "Help & Support" in the lower left.
4.) The "Help" link right below "Log off" in the upper right corner.
5.) Problem in launching store by clicking on Launch Store link under


The mentioned problems can be easily addressed by specifying the control panel external website URL in Configuration Studio.


  • Log on to the Windows Server where MachPanel Control Server is installed.
  • There will be two shortcut icons on the desktop, namely MachPanel - Control Server and Configuration Studio.
  • Double click on Configuration Studio shortcut icon to open MachPanel Configuration Studio.
  • Navigate to: Configure >> Control Panel Website
  • Enter the control panel external URL which you want to use for accessing the control panel under Host Header Name:
  • Click on Update Setting button to save settings.

That's it! - Log off your control panel web interface and log in again to verify the changes.

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