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ERRMSG:Remoting Exception: Exception Has Been Thrown By The Target Of An Invocation.



This article entails steps how to resolve Remoting Exception : Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

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To resolve this error please follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Check MachPanel Provisioning Service                                                                     

The very first thing that needs to be checked is to see if the MachPanel Provisioning Service on remote server is running properly.

Step 2: Allow communication on remote server on Port:7860
The next thing to check is to ensure that communication on Port:7860 is allowed on remote server. Please check your firewall settings on remote server and ensure that Port:7860 is not blocked.

Step 3: Follow installation guides
Please follow the installation guides properly for successful deployment and update to the same version as that of Control panel. To successfully deploy services to be managed from MachPanel, you should consult the deployment guides at following link:

  1. For New Exchange server you first need to install remote agent.
  2. If you already have remote agent installed, you just need to update the remote agent.

Our product knowledge-base is constantly updated. If you encounter an error during installation and configuration, please search

Step 4: Adjust MachPanel Provisioning Service properties on remote server
Please note that you have to adjust MachPanel Provisioning Service properties. Following points need your attention. All this has been explained clearly in installation guides already:

  1. Please create MPAdmin on AD.
  2. Give appropriate permissions to MPAdmin i.e. make it member of administrator group.
  3. Go to Run and type services.msc
  4. On Services Manager Go to properties of MachPanel Provisioning Service.
  5. Click on Log On tab.
  6. Select the option This Account and enter login/password of account created above i.e. MPAdmin and its password.

Note: The service account must have Read/Write/Delete (full access) on Remote Server folder and sub folders.

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