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INFO:Is MachPanel Capable Of Suspending Unpaid / Overdue Accounts?



This article tells whether MachPanel is capable of suspending unpaid / overdue accounts or not.

Applies To

MachPanel all versions.


As for the question, the answer is YES. Our product is fully capable of suspending and terminating the unpaid accounts. It is important that you settle payment for each client in MachPanel properly to avoid any problems.

Navigate to:

Home » System Configuration » Billing Configuration » General Billing

  1. Click on Invoice Settings tab to configure invoice settings.
  2. The second last option , Suspend overdue invoices after, is used to specify account suspension period of unpaid accounts.
  3. Last option of the invoice, Remove overdue invoices after, is used to specify account termination period of unpaid accounts.
  4. Remember that Both of the options take number of days.
Note:  Automatic account suspension and cancellation is done by the "MachPanel Billing Service".  This feature will not work if this service is "Stopped".

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