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INFO:Pro-rated And Non Pro-rated Billing


This document provides necessary information regarding billing (pro-rated and non pro-rated) you about the way new billing options work in MachPanel.

Applies To
MachPanel all versions

Please note that billing can be either prorated or non-prorated. Navigate to the following path. Home » System Configuration » Billing Configuration » General Billing

Click on the First tab that is "Billing Settings" to configure billing settings. Here, you can Enable\Disable prorate billing:

Pro-rated Billing

Prorated billing is a technique for applying standard billing methods to nonstandard billing periods. For example, if a bill for a service is usually invoiced monthly, prorating the bill allows the service provider to bill for an amount that reflects the portion of the month in which the service was used. Prorated billing can be applied to periods shorter or longer than the usual billing period.

If you enable prorated billing option:
• A single invoice will hold list of multiple items / SUBSCRIPTIONS AND ADDONS that are due.

Non Pro-rated Billing
If you disable prorated billing options then two things will happen:
• The add-ons purchased with a subscription will be prorated with that subscription, and a single invoice will contain one subscription and its Add-ons. This will only apply to subscriptions and add-ons having same billing cycle (Weekly, Monthly, Yearly etc).
• On the other hand, the subscriptions will be billed on the date it is purchased. Also, all the subscriptions purchased on the same day will be invoiced together.

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