RELNOTES:MachPanel 5.1 BUILD 10 Release Notes (June 30, 2014)

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RELNOTES:MachPanel 5.1 BUILD 10 Release Notes (June 30, 2014)


  1. Important Prerequisites
  2. Upgrade Instructions
  3. New Features/Improvements
  4. Resolved/Fixed Issues
  5. Known Issue

Important Prerequisites

  1. MachPanel Control Server 5.0.11
  2. MachPanel Remote Server 5.0.11

Note: ADSync enhancements done in ADSync v2 are compatible only with MachPanel 5.1.10.  So, if you update MachPanel, you have to update the ADSync tool and vice versa. Please review following KB article to update ADSync Utility to v2.0:

Upgrade Instructions

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel
  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

Major Enhancements

  1. Ability to move subscriptions between Customers: Please view details on the following link:
  2. WHMCS Integration
  3. MS SQL 2012\2014 support in webhosting
  4. Journaling mailbox in Exchange
  5. Exchange DAG Issues handled
  6. Webhosting - Usage report added
  7. Lync detailed API made public
  8. ADSync Config Studio be configured to auto map newly created AD users and sync them back to the hosted environment
  9. ADSync tool to handle multiple OUs on local AD
  10. Defining default timezone in Customer/reseller add/edit form.
Note: All providers/resellers need to update Timezone using Company Settings interface. Same timezone will be selected when creating new customer.

New Features/Improvements

  • General
  • Allow associate Add-on with package despite Add-on does not have same currency in Package Add/Edit, Add-on Add/Edit
  • Column contents in Ticket listing
  • Clean up data from cancel/delete Organization
  • Auto mapping and unmatched user creation on hosted.
  • An option to hide Active Directory from Commission Based Reseller.
  • Improvement in Mailbox Template assignment.
  • SEPA Identify new Customer
  • Exchange
  • A new column to mailbox listing i.e. Type or Icon with linked mailbox
  • A graph to show mailbox quota usage in general tab of Mailbox management
  • Enhancement in page loading on Distribution List page, now using Ajax, to update the value in particular field, rather then load the whole page.
  • Exchange detailed access template
  • An option for customer to edit SG etc.
  • Hide UM and archiving from Mailbox
  • Mobile devices Mailbox Policy-Enhancements
  • Improvement: Mailbox-feature-Permission tab
  • UI Enhancement - Adding Exchange distribution list members.
  • Lync
  • Chat Category/room UI review
  • Conference Calls Report
  • Lync URIs central page
  • Lync 2013 OWA integration
  • Lync User filter UI enhancement
  • Validation checks in business hours and Holiday sets to avoid redirections
Resolved\Fixed Issues
  • General
  • Ad-user password change email
  • CC and File attachments shouldn't be mandatory
  • Country code field should be 4-5 digit long on edit page
  • DNS only server/subscription error
  • DNS server name into the Zone record
  • DNS template edit issue is also fixed.
  • Editing Active directory domain sets void value in filter entry
  • Deleting IP locked-down Reseller/customer
  • Issue with editing Misc. plan
  • Email template - %companyphone% was missing in Company variable list.
  • ID should be associate uniquely
  • Issue in subscribing\booking Exchange and Lync together.
  • Issue with price calculation while adding a dedicated Server plan
  • Sorting Tickets Issue is fixed.
  • MachPanel does send invoice when Order is place from online store.
  • Reseller permissions must be applied to his customer subscriptions and his own subscription as an end customer.
  • Signatures in responding tickets were missing.
  • Exchange
  • Bulk Mailbox addition (via .csv) SPLA type setting issue is Fixed
  • Bulk mailbox-unselected radio button at CCC
  • Delete Ad users in Bulk (Delete Org if users are present)
  • Error on add Mailbox Button when Number of mailboxes Overlap the maximum Limits
  • Error handling Enabling Spam filter when Spam filter is not configured.
  • Error when you try to download profile from end user control panel.
  • Exchange provision with DNS handle, and template having Text record.
  • Exchange DAG Issue is fixed.
  • Exchange Server mailbox limit and mailbox bulk operation.
  • Out-of-office and html tag issue is fixed in Automatic replies
  • Wrong Add-on resource (mailboxes) display at CCC
  • Require Sender Authentication Option while creating Distribution List
  • Spam API URL access error
  • Lync
  • Adding Existing User (mailbox in particular) as Lync user via single user option
  • Issue with Business hours is fixed.
  • Handle Workflow errors
  • Lync user add UI Issue
  • Update Lync user SPLA type on creation and modification
  • At RCC Reseller cannot see his own Lync subscription
  • SharePoint
  • Creating SharePoint multitenant Reseller Product.
  • Duplicate records while subscribing for SharePoint
  • CRM 
  • CRM business unit Sync-User security role missing error message string enhancement
  • Host File Entry Correction.

Known Issues

After updating to 5.1 and trying to get the call reports you will get this error:

Procedure or function SPR_GetOrganizationsCallRecords has too many arguments specified.

With the additional Conference Call reports, it will give this error:

Could not find stored procedure 'SPR_GetOrganizationsConferenceRecords'.

Resolution to Known Issue:

Please request for zip file containing fix to call report issue by contacting MachSol Support.  You will need to update Lync Call Report Configuration by applying the configuration and re-applying SQL Script in given Zip file. 

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