RELNOTES:MachPanel 4.1 BUILD 26 Release Notes (August 10, 2010)

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RELNOTES:MachPanel 4.1 BUILD 26 Release Notes (August 10, 2010)

Release Date: August 10, 2010

1. Important Prerequisites
2. Upgrade Instructions
3. New Features/Improvements
4. Resolved Issues
5. Known Issues

Important Pre-requisites
1. MachPanel Control Server v.4.1.25
2. MachPanel Remote Server v.4.1.25
Upgrade Instructions
Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:
1. Update to Latest MachPanel
2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

IMPORTANT - Update to MachPanel 4.1 Build 26: The update process followed in above knowledge base articles will automatically upgrade to latest build.

New Features/Improvements

  • Improvement: Configurable header and footer in order form.
  • Improvement: Dutch translation correction alongside support for phrases "Is Logged in as Staff", "Is Logged in as Provider", "Is Logged in as Reseller". Additionally, Back and Help link button text is also translated to respective Dutch text.
  • Improvement: Authoritative, Internal and External Relay domain handling.
  • Improvement: Exchange Organization’s security group has been given Read permissions on respective organization unit.
  • New feature: CRM customization using XML file.
  • New feature: Added a button for synching distribution lists and mailbox quota with back end.
  • New feature: Portuguese Language integration support.

Resolved Issues

  • Bug fixed: When MachPanel is running with SSL, the logo URL does not get changed to https, it remains as http and thus causes a security message dialog box on every click.
  • Bug fixed: Get Send-as, Full access settings implementation in Exchnage2010.
  • Bug fixed: Kilo Byte (KB) unit has been changed to Mega Byte (MB) on defining Exchange Service plans for Exchange 2007 & 2010.
  • Bug fixed: Distribution list display name allows special characters to be entered.
  • Bug fixed: CustomAttribute15 set to primary domain name of mailbox when activating Blackberry service.

Known Issue
There are no known issues for this build.

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