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RELNOTES:MachPanel Build v7.0.25 Release Notes

Khurram Hameed
Release Notes

  1. Important Prerequisites/Upgrade Instructions
  2. Important Note
  3. Improvements/New Features
  4. Resolved/Fixed Issues
1. Important Prerequisites:

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel

  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

2. Important Notes:

If you are using Microsoft CSP, Direct Routing and Teams management, you will have to uninstall all Microsoft Teams module and install the latest using PS command:

For uninstall:   UnInstall-Module MicrosoftTeams
For install: Install-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams -Allow

Note: The recommended version for Microsoft Teams is v4.0.0


If you are using MachPanel Rest API, please follow link below to update to latest version of Rest API:

3. Improvements/ New Features
  • General (MachPanel, AD, ADSync, Billing, Store, WHMCS):
    • Integrated Payment Gateways (Razor Pay)
    • Enhanced Customer Import(more fields)
    • Added permissions in Reseller template to allow/ import and export customers.
    • Added "Reset Tries Count" Button for the jobs in Service Queue
    • Added Users Logon Hour Report
    • Added Sync Contact details in Database
    • Added Handling for Contacts in AD Group Members
  • Microsoft Exchange
    • Added Group Job for setting Custom Attributes for mailboxes (bulk operation)
    • Added option "Capacity" for Room Mailbox
    • Added Option to Remove Record from Recovery Section
    • Added Report Menu under Exchange Hosting
  • Microsoft CSP/O365
    • Added Option " User has to change password at first Login"
    • Added Azure DirSync handling in User/Contact/Group edit and bulk operations
4. Resolved/ Fixed Issues
  • General (MachPanel, AD, ADSync, Billing, Store, WHMCS, Helpdesk):
    • Fixed: Resellers can not see their invoices from provider if they switch off billing for their customers
    • Fixed: Selectable/Selected control search fails when there is "." in search string.
    • Fixed: Selectable/Selected control case sensitive search fails.
    • Fixed: Submit buttons remains inactive when user types in search box of Selectable/Selected control.
  • Microsoft Exchange
    • Fixed: Edit Interface in Retention Tag was showing incorrect Action
    • Fixed: Issue in Mailbox Group Action Search with Upper Case letter
    • Fixed: Mailflow report loads asynchronously now
    • Fixed: Wrong SPLA type was being assigned in sync.(It may take 6 hours or more to reflect correct SPLA type)
    • Fixed: Only user mailbox was being shown while adding New Mailbox.
    • Fixed: MBDetail advanced tab Save gives error when Custom size specification is not allowed in package.
    • Fixed: Cannot convert value "" to type "Microsoft.Exchange.Data.SmartHost" in Exchange domain provisioning. [Requires Remote files update].
  • Microsoft CSP/O365
    • Fixed: Editing O365 package sold to multiple resellers was taking long time.
    • Fixed: Editing O365 package under reseller was stucking in loop when billing is off.
    • Handled exception in Auto Cancel routine for O365 to skip cancellation if there is error in getting subscription from backend.
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