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This article provides info on billing documents which include the invoices, payments document, credit document, refund document etc.

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This article applies to all versions of MachPanel.

In each business environment several types of  documents are associated which may include the invoices, payments document, credit document, refund document or any other document to demonstrate the status of any operation. Thus, Control Panel states such piece of artifacts as Document.

To view documents, please navigate to the following path: Home » Billing Manager » Documents


Invoice is a primary document which shows a business deal, serve as the key entity in whole accounting and billing module of Control Panel and each single invoice carry a unique invoice number which is the identification of any invoice and also there is a status of the invoice.

To view invoices, please navigate to the following path: Home » Billing Manager » Documents » Invoices

  • Click on Doc Num, Yo can see option to Cancel Invoice, Download PDF, Email Invoice and Register Payment.


  • When you Cancel an invoice you will see following prompt.

  • On Register Payement you will land on following page:

Reset Invoices:
Navigate to path: Home » System Configuration » Billing Configuration » General Billing, Select Invoice Settings tab, click on “Reset Invoices” button.

Provider/Reseller can reset invoices for their company using interface as shown, This interface will delete all old invoices and payments and cancelled subscriptions/add-ons from the database and generates new invoices for selected payment group, from Next Renewal Date of the subscriptions/add-ons by picking prices etc. data from associated service plans.
Before running this operation, service queue should be empty for selected company. For each subscription this will generate single setup invoice with sum total of the associated add-ons with subscription.


Payment is another type of the document which is generated when an invoice is paid or a business transaction is carried out against an invoice. Each payment document is uniquely identified by a document number or payment ID. Furthermore, there is some status which is plotted on each payment document.

To view payments, please navigate to the following path: Home » Billing Manager » Documents » Payments 

Each payment document is marked with some status what shows the progress of the accounting/billing procedures to authenticate it. The status can be one of the following:

  • Completed: Payment document was created, payment is received and account has been provisioned.
  • Open:  The payment document was created, payment is received but the account is not yet provisioned.
  • Refund:  Payment document has been refunded.
  • On-Hold: Payment document is on-hold.
  • Cancelled: Payment document has been cancelled.
  • Pending: Payment document was created and waiting to receive the payment.
  • Fraud:  Payment has failed to authenticate and appeared to be fraudulent.

Click on Doc Num or navigate to the following path: Home » Billing Manager » Documents » Payments » Payment Detail  

You can mark the payment on-hold, Mark Fraud suspect or may Cancel payment. See the snapshot below:


  • If Refund to the Credit Card option is selected, New refund request / document will be generated. See Refunds heading.


Credit Document is just similar to credit statement which gives you a summary of overall credit adjustments made over a specified time or for a specific client.

To view credits, please navigate to the following path: Home » Billing Manager » Documents » Credits 

  • You can also Cancel the Credit


Refund document is also just same as of credit statement and it shows a summary of overall debit adjustments made over a span of time or for a specific client.

To view refunds, please navigate to the following path: Home » Billing Manager » Documents » Refunds.

  • You can Cancel, Register Refund or Try refund.

  • Register refund options shown below. Like giving cheque to client and mark it settled in panel.


Account statement is a type of another facilitating artifact which simply imitates a balance sheet which demonstrate what services or products you have bought, how much you have paid and how much balance is in your account. It gives a bird eye view of your account just in a while, furthermore you can have complete details of each invoice/payment for a product/service for a client which is seamlessly managed with the maximum consistency and integrity.

To view account statement for any client you have to navigate to the following path: Home » Billing Manager » Statements 

Click on Customer ID, you will land on following path: Home » Billing Manager » Statements » Statement Details

You can see the account statement detail tab. It shows the Summary, Filter record and Balance forward in USD().

Note: If you support multiple currencies, it is important to choose the currency for which you want to view the statements from the drop down list. MachPanel Control panel will list statements according to the payment group (currency).

Online Payments
Online Payments is made virtually and the actual transaction is made by the monetary agents, like your credit card broker or by the payment gateway. Thus, Control Panel provides a comprehensive mechanism for all online payment related issues. You can view or manipulate each payment accordingly and you can apply certain filters to restrict your search for a payment for a particular client against an invoice, in the case if there are a number of payments exists.

To view an online payment you have to navigate to the following path: Home » Billing Manager » Online Payments » Online Payments

  • On-Hold Payments:

Limitation or constraints are enforced by each business in each circumstances, either flexible or stiff. In the case of online/offline payments there could be certain factor which may lead to hold a payment registration process, which could be either the one of verification processes or the client's authenticity, which could be worked out later on. Such payments are marked by "On-Hold" status in Panel payment queue.

  • Authorized Only Payments:

Online businesses are now being preferred then other means of businesses yet making an online transaction, a person may think the validity of the business or any other stimuli which could constitute towards a trustful transaction. Thus, to ensure such constraints and depending upon your requirements and/or nature of business, you may be only Authenticating an online transaction rather actually manipulating or charging the credit card.

  • Pending Payments:
Pending payments are mostly appear on the scene when there is a twist of workload or the working hours, each business has its own standard of procedure to follow. For example: An order is to be worked out in next 6 hours since its queued though client might have made the payment too but actually the payment is yet not processed, it in the pending queue which will be transacted a while later. Thus, this could be the scenario or any other as per your business setup.
  • Fraud Payments:

In any online business, where monetary transactions do occur, there always exists a certain level of fraud and theft, which is detect and defused by certain filter and precautionary measures, control panel also facilitates you to apply those full proof and comprehensive anti fraud filters which come as the built-in source towards proactive defense.

Please review following KB article to view more details on anti-fraud filters and fraud control:
Credit Cards:

You can also Add Customer\reseller Credit Card for Online Payments.

  • Select Customer

  • Add Credit Card Information and add Credit Card Billing address.

  • You can also delete a credit card.

Transaction Logs:

Transaction logs are generated when clients pay bills using the credit card.

To view the list of transaction logs being generated navigate to the following path: Home » Billing Manager »  Online Payments » Transaction Logs


Following are the different charge statuses that are displayed in the transaction logs listings:

  • Pending: Transaction is not processed yet no attempt made for charge from credit card.
  • Authorized: Authorized means credit card owner authorized the payment.  
  • Auth-call: It verifies that the credit card owner does have enough money in his account to pay bills.
  • Cancelled: Transaction cancelled due to some reason.
  • Refunded: Partially or fully amount refunded back to the credit card.
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