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FAQ:Exchange Additonal (User\Linked\Shared\Resource) Mailbox Add-on Creation

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This article describes in detail about creation of Exchange Additional User\Linked, Shared and Resource (room &equipment) Mailbox Add-on via MachPanel
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The resource and shared mailbox can be created and sold via add-ons. Assume that exchange hosting product has been made in such a way that number of mailboxes (user\linked, shared, resource) are limited. If the customer having this subscriptions consumes all the mailboxes and wants to purchase more mailboxes only. This can be done by selling him Exchange Mailbox Additional Mailbox Add-on.


1) Go to Service Plan > Exchange  > Add-on Management and click on Add New Add-on

2) Type the name for the addon (name it in such a way that you can distinguish what package sells when you are selling it. Like for mailbox addon, name it as 'Extra Mailbox')

3) Follow the snapshots below where a mailbox is created for a package with limited mailboxes having unlimited storage:

'1' is for enable and '0' is for disable. You can enter either as package permissions will override these. Here i want to have the mailbox to have unlimited storage.

We have put '1' here, don't worry as folder storage settings are applied of the package. Here '1' is for enable, '0' is for disable. You can enter either, as package values will be overriding these.

We have put '1' here, don't worry as folder storage settings are applied of the package.

4) Go to next steps, mention payment cycle, currency and price and then save it

5) Now go to 'subscribe service' for the customer to whom you want to sell the Add-on, select currency and then click on 'Add-on':

6) Select Microsoft Exchange from the PackageType, select the addon and set the number of addons. Complete the rest of the form and move to shopping cart.

7) Finish the setup and 'run' the add-on from 'Service Queue'

8) Now you can add mailbox from the 'service management' of the exchange account to whom addon has been sold.
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