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FAQ:Mailbox permissions enabled or changed and it gets stuck with status [syncing]

Khurram Hameed
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This article describes
issue with “Permissions” where the mailboxes remain in “Syncing” status.

Applies To

Machpanel (Exchange mailboxes)


Please note that the mailboxes being operated on “SHOULD NOT” have any Pending Jobs. If there are any pending jobs related to the mailboxes being worked on, the “Syncing” status will not change.

When Permissions on mailbox(es) are applied

and you see permissions are not getting synced, i.e. mailbox on which permission are applied is with [syncing] status for quite a while as shown above


  • Check Exchange Group Actions
  • All jobs related to mailbox should be completed or canceled for sync to work.
  • Also Provisioning service must be running.
Question: What will be effect of problematic mailboxes on
  • Other mailboxes of the same org
    Answer: will get processed without any issue

  • Mailboxes in other organizations
    Answer: will get processed without any issue

i.e. only particular mailbox who has pending job(s) gets stuck.

Lastly, if its a case of MachPanel which has been recently updated to latest build, then there is a table that needs to be updated and all records for all mailboxes need to be synced before proper status for all mailboxes is visible in panel interface. Following query can be executed to check status of overall sync.

  Select * from HB_tblExchangeMailboxSync

  where sendas=0 or SendOnBehalf=0 or FullAccess=0 or CalenderPermissions=0

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