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RELNOTES: MachPanel Build v6.0.38 Release Notes (Jan 23, 2019)

Mudesira Munir
Release Notes


  1. Important Prerequisites
  2. Upgrade Instructions
  3. Improvements\New Features
  4. Resolved\Fixed Issues
  5. Known Issues

1. Important Prerequisites

  1. MachPanel Control Server 6.0.37 or earlier
  2. MachPanel Remote Server 6.0.37 or earlier
NOTE: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 is mandatory and must be installed. This is not the same as .Net 4.5 under windows in features. This version of the .NET Framework runs side-by-side with the .NETFramework 3.5 SP1 and earlier versions, but performs an in-place updatefor the .NET Framework 4, .NET Framework 4.5 and .NET Framework 4.5.1.
Please download and install from link below:

    2. Upgrade Instructions

    Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

    1. Update to Latest MachPanel
    2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

    3. New Feature\Improvements

    • General (Active Directory, Billing, API, ADSync)
    • Added Saskatchewan in Canadian State list.
    • Added additional login for Contact.
    • Added missed SPs in Installer.
    • Exchange
    • Added support to add "Sync Database from backend" Job for Exchange Organization in Workflow.
    • Added support to allow client to add Sync database from backend job for Exchange based on Access Permission.
    • Add database in Exchange module can add database in any Exchange server without remote server module being installed on that server.
    • Bulk Linked mailbox updated, now supports creation of mailbox in client AD.
    • Enhanced Linked mailbox to allow creation of ADUser on client AD from control panel.
    • Special characters like Ä, Ö, Ü handled in mailbox alias creation.
    • CSP
    • Updated Defer bill handling for O365 for import case.
    • Updated O365 module to use WebAppId and Secret instead of using UserName and Password for API calls for new Microsoft security requirements.
    • VPS
    • VM Import to allow Linux as option.

    4. Resolved\Issues Fixed

    • General (Active Directory, Billing, API, ADSync)
    • Fixed error in change password from client dashboard.
    • Handled ADSync missing "TempID (No records found)" problem.
    • Fixed update employee password connection time out problem.
    • Fixed invalid old password error when customer or contact tries to change password.
    • Exchange
    • Removed "*" from Internal email field of Add new Mail Contact.
    • Fixed error "An existing permission entry was found for user" when creating new Public Folder.
    • Fixed Shared Mailbox to User Mailbox convert is not working.
    • Fixed Mailbox Usage quota display issue in Mailbox Listing.
    • Fixed error in Room mailbox creation in Exchange 2010 Hosted.
    • Removed Security Group from Full Access auto mapping list as Security Group is not supported in this case.
    • Fixed Distribution List (DL) permissions not being retained for Contact access template.
    • Fixed index out of range error in Exchange 2010 Hosted.
    • Fixed record not found error in creating mailbox when their exists a deleted subscription against AD Organization.
    • Fixed only 1 permission added for Full access though multiple users were selected.
    • Fixed Disclaimer edit not working on selecting mailbox.
    • Label for Ex2019 in listing is updated.
    • CSP
    • Fixed error in invoice date and amount due to Azure line item in O365 subscriptions add, change quantity, resume.
    • Fixed suspending an O365 subscription causes service cancellation.
    • Azure login case sensitivity issue resolved.
    • Handled error in Azure rate fetch where Tenant Locale is not allowed by Microsoft for a particular region.
    • VPS (Hyper-V)
    • Fixed Expanding VM Disk problem.

    5. Known Issues

    On latest build (when applied as auto update) there is a bug in MachPanel AD User Listing (Active Directory Users).

    Error Message: Index was outside the bounds of the array 

    To fix this error, please run script from link below on MachPanel_Db being logged in as MachPanel_Db user:

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