RELNOTES:MachPanel 3.1 BUILD 15 Release Notes (January 13, 2009)...

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RELNOTES:MachPanel 3.1 BUILD 15 Release Notes (January 13, 2009)...

Release Date: January 13, 2009


    1. Important Prerequisites
    2. Upgrade Instructions
    3. New Features/Enhancements
    4. Resolved Issues
    5. Known Issues

Important Prerequisite
Before updating Remote Server, please download and copy ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll from and place it in your MachPanel Remote Server installation folder. Close and open Remote Configuration Studio.

Upgrade Instructions
MachPanel v.3 introduces MachPanel Configuration Studio which offers Automatic Updates feature for trouble free software updates to the newest versions. Configuration Studio can also be configured for manual update option as well. Please follow the MachPanel Configuration Studio Guide for details at:

New Features / Enhancements
  • New Feature: Microsoft SharePoint 2007 over HMC integration added in MachPanel.
  • New Feature: Creation of ticket on customer behalf. This option allows administrator to create ticket on customer’s behalf.
  • Enhancement: Improved Staff listing page allowing enabling/disabling staff members from listing page.
  • Enhancement: Improved billing service routine.
Resolved Issues
MachPanel v.3 Control Server

  • Bug fixed: Database read error occurred in query: SP_EM_GetSoldAddOnResourceInfo '2' ,'283', '1' after selling addon at Client Manager section when customers addon tab is selected through Subscription tab.
  • Bug fixed: Creates multiple instances of same exchange hosting accounts in exchange account listing.
  • Bug fixed: License service not updating license automatically.
  • Bug fixed: Cannot find stored procedure 'SP_EM_H_GetAllServerServices'. Error occurs when service management link for web hosting account is clicked.
  • Bug fixed: No records found (SP_EM_GetPaymentForView '5318', '1'). It happens when payment of type Credit is selected in invoice details.
  • Bug fixed: Could not find stored procedure 'SP_EM_H_GetDatabaseUsers” when service management link for web hosting account is clicked.
  • Bug fixed: Cannot click on tab buttons “Email Address, Mail Flow Settings, Advanced, Permissions, Wireless Service” when "Password Field" for mailbox is filled up and "Confirm Password" field is blank on mailbox detail screen.
  • Bug fixed: Stored procedure 'SP_EM_H_GetMailDomains' not found. Error received at subscription of shared web hosting in customer panel.
  • Bug fixed: Orderly listing of tickets in Help Desk. Now tickets are listed in ascending date order (with respect to idle status) and latest ticket reply/update shall be on the top.
  • Bug fixed: Display staff account status on listing page.
  • Bug fixed: Java script function was not called properly when an attempt to create an addon for Exchange Hosting Products was made. In step-4 when the setup price (USD) is put in, it appears as "USD undefined10undefined0"
  • Bug fixed: Within Store Configuration, under Launch Store section, launch store, prices are coming out as USD 85 instead of USD 85.00.
Known Issues
There are no known issues for this release.

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