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GUIDE:Developers Manual for Integrating MachPanel API

Mudesira Munir

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MachPanel API is basically a web service which uses SOAP messages to communicate with the Control Server and client application. Please download Developers Manual for Integrating MachPanel API.pdf from Attachment\Download section in order to review MachPanel API details.

Please also download PHP examples for MachPanel API from Attachment\Download section.

The zip file includes the following examples for API:

  • Cancel or Delete Customer.php
  • Create Customer.php
  • Create Reseller.php
  • reset customer password.php
  • Subscribe Multiple.php
  • SubscribeExchangeHosting.php
  • SubscribeLyncHosting.php
  • Update Customer.php
  • Update Reseller.php
  • MachPanelClientHandler.php

Applies To

MachPanel v6
Developer Manaual for MachPanel Exchange API Build 5.6.30 (updated on April-24-2017).pdf
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API PHP Examples
15.00 KB, 802 views
Developers Manual for Integrating MachPanel API(updated on 23-May-2016).pdf
1.00 MB, 1.8K views
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