FAQ:Customer Support Questions

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FAQ:Customer Support Questions

1   1) What support options are available?

Our basic/standard support includes comprehensive Knowledge Base, Support Blog, Documentation and Tutorials that provide resolution to common mistakes or errors. Apart from that we have different support packs available that includes both Email and Phone support packages covering business and non-business hours.

MachPanel product support covers delivery of Hot Fixes and Patches. It also includes all kinds of installation/configuration issues within the product. We will not be responsible for any installations/configurations beyond our product support, for this we have Premium Support option available.

In Premium Support/Paid Support, you can come to us with problems related to all the back end services like Exchange, BlackBerry, SharePoint, CRM, SFB (Lync), Hyper-V etc. We charge a minimal amount of one support incident per Premium/Enterprise Support case. Please note that the email describing your issue does not mean one incident but may contain more than one incidents. 

2) Is e-mail based technical support free? 
No, email support is not free.  We have different support packages that cover both email and phone support covering business and non-business hours with package based SLA.

3) Is phone based support free?
No, phone support is not free. Phone support is available depending on your subscribed support package.

4) Can I ask technical support to troubleshoot problems not related with MachPanel? For example, troubleshoot my Exchange server?

Troubleshooting of problems beyond the product support scope can be availed under paid support / premium support. 

In Premium Support / Paid Support, you can come to us with problems related to all the back end services like Exchange, SharePoint, BlackBerry etc. We charge a minimal amount of one incident. Please note that the email describing your issue does not mean one incident but may contain more than one incident

5) What is the standard response time for normal support?
Response time for regular support is within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

6) What is the standard response time for premium support?
Response time for premium support is 2 hours.

7) Does MachSol offer support and maintenance services?
Yes, contact sales on
+1 (877) 622-4765 for more information.

8) What are other resources to seek support and assistance?
You may check
 Various Guides, Manuals, Knowledgebase and blog.

9) How do I report bugs?
You can report bugs via the support team who identify the problem as a bug and determine severity level.  Then bug is reported / added to internal bug management system for speedy fix of the issue.

10) Where do I post my suggestions and features request?
You can post your suggestions and feature requests via the support team who collect the details of the requirement and enter it into the internal tracking system.  Business impact, relevance and benefits are determined of the requested feature and then forwarded to concerned team for implementation.

11) Where is your support based?

We are fairly spread out, with an office in Yorba Linda California, Amsterdam The Netherlands and Asia, thus covering up different time zone is not an issue. We beat our competitors based on our quality support that comes with an amazing response time.

12) Do I get any help during installation on setup process?
We recommend that you get all deployment done via our team by filling out the connectivity form that is sent upon first contact from our support side.  A 90 minutes to 2 hours basic training is also included to help you get started.  If you want to perform the deployment and integration yourself, we have all the Installation guides available and on top of that our support team will be available to provide you all the required help and information for successful deployment of the whole solution.

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