Importing SharePoint into MachPanel via Import Utility.


This article provides information for using SharePoint Import Utility for importing SharePoint users in MachPanel.

Applies To

MachPanel Version 4.2.30 and above.

Pre Requisites

  • You have purchased license from the sales team.
  • At least one SharePoint service plan is present in MachPanel.
  • Customer account has been created.
  • SharePoint Server on which the users exist has been added in MachPanel with the appropriate web application.


* It is strongly recommended that to import a test organization first as a Proof of Concept.

Please follow the below mentioned steps to bulk import SharePoint users:

1) Open MachPanel Control Panel, log in as Provider and navigate to Home >> Import Utilities >> SharePoint. In step-1 provide the Import Settings as shown in the snapshot below:

  • Select the Company Name [Owner] (i.e. Provider or any Reseller).
  • Select the SharePoint Server where the users exists.

2) In step-2 enter the customer's domain name, select the customer, associate a service plan and then click on Next button.

3) In step-3 select billing/subscription preference for each portal and finally click on Finish button to import the organization in MachPanel:

4) You can manage this subscription by navigating to Home >> Service Director >> SharePoint Hosting >> Accounts