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5210 HF2 5210 HF3 5523 HF2 Add AdSync Templates API Following Resource(s) exceed the Maximum allowed limit. Purchase More. HF4 for Build 5.2.10 Login with Azure MachPanel 5.2 BUILD 26 Move Control Server from one machine to another O365 \ CSP Basic Service plans .Net Error .NET Runtime version 2.0.50727.4247 - Fatal Execution Engine Error (000007FEF97227FA) (80131506) .NET Runtime version 2.0.50727.5446 - Fatal Execution Engine Error (000007FEFA2740D2) (80131506) Exchange SG »» SIP Domain creation Failed. Detail: Create SIP Domain : Error removing Simple url entry: Error publishing topology: Error processing PS command: out-file : Access to the path 'C:\Program Files\Remote Server\logs\Topology_MachPanel.xml' is denied. At C: 2FA Settings 3rd Party Authentication 3rd Party Control Panel Data Import Wizard 3rd Party Import Wizard 4.1.31 4.1.32 4.2.23 4.2.24 4.3.11 4.3.12, 4312, MachPanel 4.3 BUILD 12 Release Notes 4.3.13, 4313, MachPanel 4.3 BUILD 13 Release Notes 4.8 4.8.18 404 Error 4311 4818 4920 4921 4rth level AD user 4th level interface for Active Directory User to change password. 5.2.26 HF5 5.4.10 5.6.30 HF 5.6.44 5.6.44 HF 5112 HF3 5210 5210 HF1 5210 HF4 5211 5211 HF1 5226 5310 HF1 5410 5410 HF5 5520 5523 5644 6.0.20 HF1 6.0.20 HF2 6.0.32 hf1 6.0.36 hf1 6036 6038 Access Denied Access is Denied Access Permissions Access Templates for Customers Accessing SharePoint with same user Account pending for termination account suspension account termination Accounts \Contacts Activate License Activation Licensing Active Directory Active Directory Active Directory Organization Active Directory Organization Active Directory Packages\Addons Active Directory Sync Utility Active Directory Synchronization AD AD Groups AD not found AD Organization ad sync AD user add a distribution list add a distribution list member add bulk AD users add contacts Add Contacts to manage Control Panel add distribution list add domains add email alias add mailbox adding a new node adding a product Adding Active Directory Adding Customer details Adding Exchange Server adding payment group Adding Seal Adding SharePoint Server Adding Virtual Switch Additional Domain Controller Addon add-on Add-on Quantity in WHMCS Add-ons via MachPanel ADSync ADSync ADSync – Configuration Guide adsync 1.1 adsync 4.0 ADSync Error: ADSync license error: ADSync user license limit reached. ADSync Hotfix ADSync Important Notes plus Troubleshooting details ADSync installation ADSync Installation Guide ADSync interval problem adsync log ADSync Security and Password Policy ADSync Usage Report adsync v4.1 ADSyncSvcLog alerts Allow custom mailbox template An explicit conversion exists Anonymous anti-fraud plugins API API configuration tab for resellers API FAQs API PHP examples API Sample codes Application Pool application trust level apply templates to customers Archiving ASP.NET Assign Service Account Full Control audit log Audit Log export to excel error authentication Authentication Exception authorize.net Authorize.Net CIM Auto Login Auto Login using API Auto suspend Auto terminate autodiscover url autodiscoverredirect url AutoDiscoverRedirectURL AutoMappingLog automatic failover Avoid automatic cancellation of subscription Avoid automatic suspension of subscription avoid Deadlocks Azure Active Directory Module Azure Usage Based Billing Back Up Error, Backup Error back up, backup, Back Up, Back up backup backup control Backup Failed Backup MachPanel Control and Remote Server backup remote Bad Username Or Password Basic Resource plan BES 10 BES v.5 Billing billing document Billing Management Billing multiple exchange mailboxes Billing Settings billing turn on/off bin directory BlackBerry BlackBerry 5.0 Activation Error BlackBerry Enterprise Server BlackBerry Enterprise Server v.5 blackberry uds activation BlackBerry V.4 Service Preparation Guide BlackBerry V.5 Service Preparation Guide BUG bug fixes 4.3.13 build 30 build 4.2.28 build 4.2.30 Build 4.5.17 build 5.0.10 Build 5.0.11 Build 5.1.10 build 5.1.11 build 5.1.12 build 5.2.10 Build 5.2.11 build 5.3.10 Build 5.4.10 Build 5.6.30 Build 5011 Build 5110 Build 5111 Build 6.0.20 build 6.0.25 build 6.0.32 Build 6.0.37 Build v5.2.26 build, build 31, build 4.2.31, MachPanel 4.2 BUILD 31 Release Notes (Dec 27, 2011) Bulk subscribe Resellers to SfB(Lync) and SharePoint Call Records Processing Cancel Invoice Cancellation Terminate Cannot implicitly convert type Cannot Sell Packages the available resources are less than the requested resources CCC challeng response change mailbox database change mailbox quota Change Password change password for ad Change Password option for AD user change permissions change provider password change template changing database Chat Categories Chat Rooms child OU Client Credentials cloud automation solution Code Coding help Coding Samples Collation Difference commission based reseller common provider domain Common/Parent OU Company Default Mailbox Template Conference Dial In Number Conference Dial-In Conference Dial-in numbers Conference PSTN Conferencing PIN Configuration Studio configure alerts Configure Authentication Configure Auto Update for MachPanel Remote Server configure billing options Configure SpamExperts Configure/Integrate WHMCS with MachPanel Control Panel Control Server Control Server Installation convert customer to reseller Could not find any available domain controller ''Could not update credentials for service create addon Create portal Failed create reseller Create SIP Domain Create Ticket creation of service plan credit card credits crm CRM 2011 CRM 2013 CRM 2013 CRM 2015 CRM 2016 CRM Import Utility CRM Migration crm organization CRM provisioning fails CSP CSP Account CSP Import Wizard CSP Offers Price CSP Plan CSP Services Configuration cumulative hotfix 3 HF3 Cumulative Hotfix 5111 5.1.11 HF2 cumulative Update currencies custom links custom URL Customer Control Center Customer Guide Customer Manual Customer Support customization Customize Customize Customize in your language Customize invoice Customize logon page Customized URL Customizing Email Templates datasheet Datasheet Datasheet ADSync Datasheet CRM Datasheet CSP Datasheet Exchange Datasheet Hyper-V Datasheet MachPanel v6 Datasheet SharePoint Datasheet Skype for Business Datasheet Web Hosting 'Ddl_ConferencingPolicy' has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items. Parameter name: value delete ad user Delete Mailbox DeletedMailboxes deleting a customer deleting subscription Dial Plan Dialin Access Number Direct Login Directory synchronization Disable ADSync Disable an AD account Disable Mailboxes Distribution Groups Division attribute DNP DNS DNS Service dns handling DNS setting dns template Domain administrator Domain Name Server Domain Registrar Provider Configuration Domain Registration DNS Domain user DotNetPanel download adsync download Installers \ Documents Download Outlook 2007 Download Outlook 2010 Download Outlook 2013 download sample script e-commerce Edit Contact Edit resources in an already sold service plan eJadSPM 2.0 BUILD 34 eJadSPM 2.0 BUILD 40 eJadSPM 2.0 BUILD 45 eJadSPM 2.0 BUILD 46 eJadSPM 2.0 BUILD 52 eJadSPM 2.2 eJadSPM 2.2 BUILD 24 eJadSPM 2.3 BUILD 10 Email Client Email Delivery Settings email forwarding Email Log email parser Email Schedule Email Settings Email Templates Customization Enable Access for Microsoft Partner Center Enable Access for Windows Azure Active Directory Enable Disable MachPanel Billing System Service Enable Migration Enable\ Disable Persistent Chat Enable\Disable Temporary URL in Web Hosting Enabling mailbox archiving Encryption key EntourageDownloadURL Equipment mailbox Error error after Hotfix Error Code 500 Error Creating CRM Organization Details: The Deployment Service cannot process the request because one or more validation checks failed. Error Creating User. Details: Error Adding User in Site Collection: error CS0266 Error due to .Net Version error in deleting customers Error in Domain checking Error in Saving Order. Details: Could Not Find A Part Of the Path 'C:\Program Files ... Error In Sending Mail Error in syncing SfB user. Details: Error in fetching SfB user from Office 365. Details: Error Processing command: The remote name could not be resolved. Error MSG while intregration of Exchange mailbox\database server in DAG Error Occured. Details: Cannot open backup device 'c:\MachPanel_DbXXXX_YYYYMMDD.BAK'. Operating system error 5(Access is denied.). BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally. Error on "Help" link right below "Log off" Error on "Online Help" link under "Help and support in the lower left. Error processing command: File C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\ClientAccess\ServicePlans\ServicePlanHostingRemap.csv does not contain mapping for ProgramID/OfferID values"MachPanelDefault"/"1" Error publishing topology Error removing Simple url entry Error Updating Error when clicking on Logoff Error when creating new mailbox Error while calculating bandwidth of website. Error while editing Dial In Access Number Error While Updating error: 80040154 Error: All hosted groups security Group 'RootSecurityGroup Machpanel' ERROR: Failed to add domain 'newexchangedomain.com' ERROR: mx.contoso.com cannot be a destination Error: Operation failed. exception Exchange Exchange 2007 Exchange 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2) Update Exchange 2010 Exchange 2013 Exchange 2013, SharePoint 2013 and Lync 2013 exchange database move Exchange DNS Exchange domain Migration Exchange Email Template values Exchange Erorr exchange mailbox add-on Exchange mailbox\database server in DAG Exchange Migration Exchange Migration Utility 4.8.18 exchange proxy setting Exchange Server Exchange Server 2007 Export PST option Export PST setting Export to Excel Extensive Logging Failure Failure due to Failure due to: Error processing command: Value cannto be null. Parameter name: serverSettings FAQs FindAndRemoveDeletedMailboxes.exe Fix Fix Security Fix Security Permissions Fix Slow Control Panel fixes for 4.8.19 forgot password Forward Lookup Zone FTP Full Access GAL Gen2 VM General Troubleshooting Notes for ADSync generate ticket GetFromDB ': Query: SP_EM_GetResourceQuantityAllowed N'516', N'12 ', N'1', N'16 ', N'285'. Key Field Name: TotalQuota. Details: A fatal error occurred for the current command. Clear any results. The current command encountered a fatal error. Clear any res Give Security Group Permissions on OU Failed Global Address List Grant Permissions grant send as Group Actions Group Jobs Settings Group policy HC Import HEE Helm helpdesk HF1 HF1 for Build 5.1.11 HF1 for Build 5.2.10 HF1 for Build 5.2.11 HF1 for MachPanel build v6.0.37 HF1 for MachPanel build v6.0.38 HF1 for v6.0.37 HF1 for v6.0.38 HF2 HF2 for Build 5.1.11 HF2 for Build 5.2.10 HF3 for Build 5.1.12 HF3 for Build 5.2.10 HF5 HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled = True Hide Hide Billing Information in Customer Dashboard Hide Default Security Gruop from GAL / Address Book Hide Domains Hide Exchange Security Group Hide passwords in Audit logs Hide unwanted section Hide/Remove any unwanted information/section HideOSGFromAL hiding menu items HMC 4.0 Hosted CIM method for Authorize.Net Hosted Exchange Email service Hosted Exchange Extension Hosted SharePoint Extension Hosted VPS Hosted VPS Extension Hosting Controller Import Hosting Mode Hosting pack 2013 hosting services Hostmatic Hostmatic Control Server Hostmatic Kick Start Guide hot fix HotFix Hotfix hotfix 1 HF1 hotfix 1 Hotfix1 hotfix 2 HF2 Hotfix 2, 5.1.11 Hotfix 3 hotfix 3 Hotfix3 hotfix 4 Hotfix4 HotFix 4313 Hotfix 4920 hotfix 4921 Hotfix 5111 5.1.11 HF1 Hotfix build 4.9.20 Hotfix build 4516 HotFix for build 4.9.21 Hotfix for Build 5.0.10 Hotfix for Build 5010 Hotfix for MachPanel build v5.6.30 Hotfix for MachPanel build v5.6.44 Hotfix for MachPanel build v6.0.20 Hotfix for MachPanel build v6.0.25 Hotfix1 for build v5.3.10 Hotfix1, Hotfix 1, 5.1.11 Hotfix2 Hotfix2 5523 Hotfix2 for build v5.5.23 Hotfix4310 Hotfix5 5410 Hotfix5 for build v5.4.10 HOW TO How to change look and feel of MachPanel How to set up SfB (Lync) Call Reporting and Lync Call Bundles HTTP 404 HTTP filter hunt groups Hyper-V Hyper-v 2012 Hyper-V 2012 R2 Generation 2 VMs IE ifd deployment IIS IIS 6.0 IIS Manager Import data from Hosting Controller (HC), Import from WebSite Panel, WebSitePanel Import Lync users Import pricing for CSP from Microsoft Import Public Folders import Purchase Price and Sale Price importing lync organizations Improve Load Time Improve MachPanel Performance Incident Support incoming mail increase license quantity increase the csp users increase users Information not syncing to the hosted installation Installation Guide Installation Guide for SQL Integrate integrate crm Integrate SfB Integrate Store Integrating Exchange Integrating SfB(lync) Integrating SharePoint Integration integration of hyper-v Intergrate BlackBerry Server Internal Server Error Internet Connectivity Internet Explorer Internet Explorer Security Restrictions Intregration of Exchange server in DAG invalid format Invoice details invoice settings invoices Involved Server roles IP Lock Down IP Pool IP pools ISA Server Java java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError.com/rim/bes/brk/besuseradmin/BESUserAdminMain Exception in Thread "main" Javascript known issue Latest Build Latest Hotfix For ADSync tool v.1 Latest MachPanel version LDAP Licensing line uri Link Existing Tenants Linked mailbox linked user account links to kb Linux (Centos) Sealed image Linux Sealed Image Load audit logs from archive Load Balanced load balanced deployment locale logging Logging On Control Server and Remote Servers LoggingEnabled Login color screen logs Logs Folder lync lync 2010 Lync 2010 Hosting Pack lync 2013 lync account setup Lync Error lync groups lync management Lync Migration Lync Policies Lync Service plans MachPanel MachPanel 3.0 MachPanel 4.1 BUILD 16 MachPanel 4.1 BUILD 17 MachPanel 4.1 BUILD 18 MachPanel 4.1 BUILD 19 MachPanel 4.1 BUILD 20 MachPanel 4.1 BUILD 21 MachPanel 4.1 BUILD 22 MachPanel 4.1 BUILD 23 MachPanel 4.1 BUILD 24 MachPanel 4.1 BUILD 25 MachPanel 4.1 BUILD 26 MachPanel 4.1 Build 27 MachPanel 4.1 Build 29 MachPanel 4.2 Build 29 Release Notes MachPanel 4.2 BUILD 30 Release Notes (Nov 10, 2011) MachPanel 4.3 BUILD 10 Release Notes (February 27, 2012) MachPanel 4.3 BUILD 11 Release Notes (May 21, 2012) MachPanel 4.5 BUILD 15 Release Notes (December 31, 2012) MachPanel 4.5 Build 16 MachPanel 4.5 BUILD 16 Release Notes (Feburary 12, 2013) MachPanel 4.5 BUILD 17 Release Notes MachPanel 4.8 BUILD 18 MachPanel 4.8 BUILD 18 Release Notes (June 03 2013) MachPanel 4.8 BUILD 19 MachPanel 4.9 BUILD 20 MachPanel 4.9 BUILD 21 MachPanel 5.0 MachPanel 5.1 BUILD 10 MachPanel 5.2 BUILD 25 MachPanel 5.3.10 Release Notes MachPanel 5.4 BUILD 10 MachPanel 5.5 BUILD 20 MachPanel 5.5 BUILD 23 MachPanel 5010 MachPanel 5112 MachPanel 5210 MachPanel 5211 MachPanel 6.0 BUILD 20 MachPanel 6.0 BUILD 25 MachPanel 6.0 BUILD 32 MachPanel 6.0 BUILD 36 MachPanel 6.0 BUILD 38 MachPanel ADSync MachPanel API Machpanel API (Latest Version) MachPanel API Sample Application MachPanel API Test Application Overview MachPanel build 4.8.19 Release Notes MachPanel build 4.9.20 Release Notes MachPanel build 4.9.21 Release Notes MachPanel build 5.1.10 MachPanel build 5310 MachPanel build v5.1.11 MachPanel build v5.1.12 MachPanel build v5.2.10 MachPanel build v5.2.11 MachPanel build v5.2.26 MachPanel Build v5.6.30 MachPanel Build v5.6.44 MachPanel Build v6.0 MachPanel Build v6.0.20 HF1 MachPanel build v6.0.32 MachPanel build v6.0.36 MachPanel Build v6.0.37 MachPanel build v6.0.37 MachPanel build v6.0.38 MachPanel Configuration Studio MachPanel Configuration Studio Crash MachPanel Control Server Installation MachPanel Customization MachPanel Database automatic failover using MSSQL mirroring MachPanel Database Backup Removal MachPanel integration with SharePoint MachPanel Loads Slow MachPanel Password Policy MachPanel Provider/Reseller API MachPanel Provisioning System MachPanel Remote MachPanel Remote Server MachPanel Remote Server v.4.0.34 MachPanel Remote Server v.4515 MachPanel Slow MachPanel Spam Filters MachPanel Sub Reseller Functionality MachPanel Translation Toolkit Utility MachPanel Update from 4.1.12 to 4.2.22 MachPanel v.3 to v.4.0.30 MachPanel v.3.1 BUILD 15 MachPanel v.3.1 BUILD 16 MachPanel v.3.1 BUILD 18 MachPanel v.3.1 BUILD 19 MachPanel v.3.2 (Beta) BUILD 29 MachPanel v.3.2 (Beta) BUILD 30 MachPanel v.4 BUILD 31 Update MachPanel v.4 BUILD 34 MachPanel v.4 BUILD 36 MachPanel v.4 BUILD 40 MachPanel v.4.0 BUILD 30 MachPanel v.4.0.31 to v.4.0.34 MachPanel v.4.1 BUILD 12 MachPanel v.4.1 BUILD 13 MachPanel v.4.1 BUILD 14 MachPanel v.4.1 BUILD 15 MachPanel v6 MachPanel Version 6 MachPanel vs. DNP MachPanel vs. Helm MachPanel WHMCS MachPanel will not support MSSQL 2005 after 15th March 2015 MachSol Customer Portal MachSol Support Ticketing System MachSol.Interceptor.Log MachSol.MachPanel.Provisioning-Svc.exe.Config mailbox mailbox addon mailbox database Mailbox features mailbox password Mailbox size Mailbox Template Mailbox template Mailbox Templates Mailbox Unavailable Mailbox usage report Mailboxes add ons Mailboxes do not get deleted Mailenable manage email forwarding Manage Tenant Managed by Sub Reseller management of vps Managing Access Templates Managing CSP\Office 365 Tenants Manual Manual update means of communication memory dumps Menu is not clickable Microsoft CSP MicroSoft CSP accounts Microsoft Dynamics 365 Microsoft Hyper-V Network Virtualization Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Power BI Microsoft procdump Migrate MachPanel Control Panel Server from one machine to another migrate to exchange 2016 Migration migration between versions of exchange integrated Migration options Mimecast mimecast account Mimecast API settings Missing Primary Public Folder Modify logon page Move Control Panel Server move customer Move database from SQL 2005 to SQL 2012 Move MachPanel_Db move subscription Move, Shift, Migrate, Switch moving subscription from one customer to other MP API MPAdmin MPadmin MSSQL mirroring MSVS Multi Tenant Hosting Multi-Level OU in Lync Accounts Multi-tenant Must contain atleast one capital letter and one small letter. Must contain atleast one nummeric value. Must contain atleast one special character. Must declare the scalar variable "@CompanyId" MXRecordAddress My Ticket MySQL mysql database MySQL50850 Navigation doesn't work in MachPanel new commission transaction new order form New Tenant New Ticket New Year 2013 No databases found, Check the Exchange Server name (Containing mailbox databases) is valid AND\OR Make sure you have no connectivity issues with the Active Directory domain controller. No Profile CSP no update found Non pro-rated Notice - Support Policy Update O 365 O365 Object reference not set to an instance of an object ODBC Offers\Addons Office 365 Office 365 Integration Office 365 management Office SharePoint Server 2007 Office365 ON OFF MachPanel Billing System online store online store query string parameter Open a New Ticket Operation Failed Operation failed due to service credentials being synchronized, Please try again after 10 Seconds Operation Failed. Details: Server was unable to process the request. --> User not found Operation Failed: A Parameter Cannot Be Found That Matches Parameter Name "IssueWarningQuota" Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object optional settings interface Order form organization usage report Organizational Unit OU not found outgoing mail Outlook outlook anywhere url Outlook Client Outlook License enabled outlook profile outlook\entourage download url OutlookDownloadURL overdue accounts OWAURL Package upgrade Paid Professional Services Paid Professional Support Service Paid Support Panel account for Microsoft login xyz@domain.com, does not exist, please contact Administrator Partner account details Partner of Tier 2 Partner of Tier 2 having no CSP profile on Microsoft Password Expiration password not syncing Password Policy Password recovery Password reset Payement Gateway payment gateway Payment Group payment groups payments PayPal paypal express checkout PCC PCI compliance PCI compliance mode Permissions permissions Permisssions for Customers\Resellers persian persistent chat personal archive personal archive database PFOrgParentFolder PFRoot phone numbers PHP PHP Code Examples PHP samples place order via store place sharepoint order via customer panel Planning platform domain access Platform specific variables Port 80 Portal Power BI View powershell error Preferred Domain Controller Premium Support Prepaid reseller preparation of sealed images Prerequisite for MachPanel Exchange 2010 hosting mode Module Pre-Sales Presentation Pricing Primary Domain Controller Primary Public Folder Hierarchy Priority index from 0 to 10 Private Label Problem Exchange Mailbox Profile Process Cannot Access File MachSol.MachPanel.ConfigurationStudio.exe Used By Another Process Product comparison product rebrand Programming Pro-rated Provider Control Center Provider Guide Provider Manual Provider: MachPanel Hosted Exchange »» Getting Exchange Server Group(s) »» Getting Exchange Server(s) »» Getting Exchange Hosting Information »» Start: Create Organization »» INFO: Creating HarmonieAS »» Error: Error occured in creating organization: Err provision addon Provisiong service crash issue Provisioning layer initialization failed provisioning no profile CSP service Provisioning of CSP Tenant Provisioning Service Provisioning Service User Provison a Sharepoint package from customer panel Proxy Settings public folder public folder public folder hierarchy Public Folders Purchase More link Put subscription(s) on hold Query String query string variables to link products in website to online store. queues RCC Re-activate account Recreate public folder master hierarchy in exchange 2013 Recycling refunds Registry registry settings release note Release notes Release Notes Release Notes 4515 Release Notes 5.2.11 Release Notes 5.5.20 Release Notes 5.5.23 Release Notes 5.6.44 Release Notes 5520 Release Notes 5523 Release notes for Build 29 Release Notes v6.0 RELNOTES Remote installer remote server Remote Server remote server installation Remote Server IP Remote Server license Remote Service Remoting exception Remove and Disable ADSync Utility remove unwanted modules Requested URL: /DashBoard.aspx Reseller Agreement Terms Reseller commission summary Reseller Control Center Reseller Guide Reseller Manual Reseller Site reset password for MachPanel DB reset password for SA Reset priority of jobs\actions execution Reset SA password in SQL Resource Mailboxes resources response group response groups room mailbox Root Security Group RootSecurityGroup RSAT schedule Workflows Scheduled Task SCRIPT SDN Sealed Image Search Configuration Search Services Securing Address List Security code Security Exception security group Security Groups security permissions Sell Bulk Add-ons to Resellers and End-Customers Sell Shared Mailbox and Resources Mailbox Add-ons Selling MachPanel Addons for WHMCS Send PIN through Email Send PIN through SMS Server error Server Error in '/' Application. Server Group Optional Settings service crash Service Credentials being Synchronized service management service plan Service User Services set password set password of VM set priority of group jobs set restriction Set Send As permission Setting permissions and necessary modification on the user other than the Administrator Setting plan price to 0.00 setup of exchange SfB (Lync) Call Bundles SfB (Lync) Call Reporting SfB(Lync) Persistent Chat Feature shared hosting Shared Mailbox via Add-on Shared Mailboxes Shared Web and Data Hosting sharepoint SharePoint 2010 (Beta) SharePoint DNS SharePoint Extension SharePoint Import Utility SharePoint Migration SharePoint Multi-tenant SharePoint Multitenant provisioning problem sharepoint portal sharepoint provisioning Shift MachPanel Control Panel Server from one machine to another Shift MachPanel database from one server to another Simple DNS Plus Single sign on SIP domain creation failed site bindings Skype for Business Skype for Business Users Skype Meeting Join by Phone Skype4B Slow Loads SmarterMail 13x Smarterstats SMTP/accepted domain snapshots Spam expert error Spam Experts SPAM filtering via SpamExperts SPE SPLA reports SPLA Reports Scheduling SPLA types of Lync SQL 2012 Express SQL Collation requirements SQL database ssl ssl certificate Staff Members Staff Roles Staff Users statements storage addon storage quota store Store Cart Store Checkout Store Front Storefront Storefront Integration With Provider’s Website Storefront Integration with provider's website using variables Sub Reseller in Provider\Reseller Panel Subscribe as Reseller Subscribe Service subscription based reseller Support Portal Support Portal at http://www.machsol.com Suspend a customer Sync Active Directory Organization from Backend Sync All with Microsoft CSP Sync contacts Sync data from back-end Sync Distribution List(s) Sync from Backend Sync Mailboxes Sync operation Sync Security group sync sold plan resources Synchronization Error Syncing data from local to hosted takes 15 minutes extra instead of configured interval. Syncing Skype for Business user from O365 Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: An unknown error occurred while processing the request on the server. The status code returned from the server was: 500 Sysprep system configuration Target of invocation TARGETSITE: Void CheckVirtualFileExists(System.Web.VirtualPath) taxation Technical Contact template Temporary URL Testing of hyper-v The application attempted to perform an operation not allowed by the security policy. To grant this application the required permission please contact your system administrator or change the application's trust level in the configuration file. The file '/Admin/DashBoard.aspx' does not exist. The 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' provider is not registered on the local machine. The recipient hmclab.test/Users/hmcadmin isn't the expected type. The remote server returned an error: (418) The resource cannot be found. The Server Response Was 5.7.1 The term 'New-VM' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again. The User Does Not Exist or Is Not Unique the user name or password is incorrect The Windows PowerShell-Snap-In Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E2010 is trying to load an Exchange 2013 assembly. theme This Number has incorrect values. Please update it in DB first. This operation can only be performed by a manager of the group. LDAPContainter: CNOAB:" Ticket initiation via support portal made compulsory Total Mailboxes Size Per Organization traditional hosting Translate MachPanel Turn key projects Turn key solutions Turn-key Services Turn-Key%Projects Twilio API Settings Two Factor Authentication type initializer type of reseller UAC UID=, PWD=, Auto=1 Unable to fetch mailbox databases. Check server connectivity, Mailbox limits. Unable to generate a temporary class Unhandled exception Uninstall ADSync Uninstalling Adsync unpaid accounts Update update Update adsync update adsync v3.0 Update Error Update Failed Update from MS SQL 2005 to MS SQL 2012 update machpanel Update MachPanel Control Server Update MachPanel Remote Server update MachPanel Remote Server v.4.0.31 update MachPanel Remote Server v.4.3 Update MachPanel to latest build Update MachPanel v.3 Update MachPanel v.4.0.31 Update manually update pricing in existing packages Update Problem Update Remote Server Update to latest MachPanel upgrade upgrade a service plan upgrade downgrade upgrade MachPanel Remote Server v.4.0.31 upgrade MachPanel Remote Server v.4.3 Upgrade MachPanel v.3 Upgrade MachPanel v.4.0.31 Upgrade to latest MachPanel usage report Usage Reports Scheduling User "Copy" Function User Access Control user mailbox User Mappings user usage report UserMappingLog Users Still Being Able to Access via Outlook & OWA users synchronized Using login, password in URL utility v 6 v5-1-10 Variables Version 5.1.12 Version 5.2.10 Version 5.2.11 version 5.2.25 Version 5011 Version 5110 Version 5111 Version 6.0.36 Version 6.0.38 VHD images virtual machine Virtual Machine Import Utility Virtual Network Virtual Networking (HVN) virtual networks Virtual Private Server Virtual Server VM vps VPS Import VPS integration vps usage report VXLANs web hosting Web proxy handling website WebSite Panel Import WebSitePanel Import Wehosting services What's New in MachPanel V.4 White Label White label logon page White label MachPanel, Reseller Logo Whitepaper WHMCS WHMCS product Configurable Options in Add-ons Windows 2003 server Windows SharePoint Services Wireless Service Activation Error workflows WSP Import WSS 3.0 You don't have sufficient permissions. Your password length must be minimum " " characters long. ZarinPal