ERRMSG:The Type Initializer For 'Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.CmdletConfigurationEntries' Threw An Exception."

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ERRMSG:The Type Initializer For 'Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.CmdletConfigurationEntries' Threw An Exception."


Provisioning of Hosted E-mail service on Microsoft Exchange 2007 reports the following error in Service Queue:

Error: The type initializer for 'Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.CmdletConfigurationEntries' threw an exception."

Applies To

MachPanel all versions
Hosted Exchange Extension (HEE)
MachPanel Remote Server

  1. Domain administrator permissions not granted properly
  2. MachPanel Provisioning Service not running
  3. Exchange related files missing from bin directory

Please follow the below mentioned steps for rectification of this issue.

Step1:Check domain administrator user’s permission
  1. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Active Directory Users and Computers.
  2. In the console tree, click Users.
  3. In the details pane, right-click the user (MPAdmin that was created for MachPanel) and then click Properties.
  4. Click on the Member of tab to check that this user (MPAdmin) has following permissions:
  • Domain Admins (Set Primary)
  • Domain Users
  • Enterprise Admins
  • Exchange Servers
  • Exchange Organization Administrators
  • Group Policy Creator Owners
  • Schema Admins
  1. Click Add button in case any of the above mentioned permission is missing.
  2. In Enter the object names to select, type the name of the user, group, as mentioned above then click OK.
Step 2: Also check MachPanel Provisioning Service is running under same user (i.e. MPAdmin)
  1. Go to Start >> Run
  2. Type services.msc and press Enter
  3. Microsoft Services Window will pop up
  4. In the right hand pane Click on or Navigate to MachPanel Provisioning Service
  5. Right click this service and then click Start
Step 3: Verify Exchange related files
Please ensure that Exchange related files in bin directory (i.e. at Program Files\MachSol Inc\MachPanel Remote Server)

(files include: Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.ObjectModel.dll, Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.dll, Microsoft.Exchange.Data.dll, Microsoft.Exchange.Diagnostics.dll, Microsoft.Exchange.Management.dll)

are same version as that are in “Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\bin” folder.

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